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Horse Nutrition & Supplements

The first question we will ask you when you ask us what we recommend for horse feed is this:

WHY are you feeding a grain ration?

There are many answers to that question wich will lead us to the correct product for you. Some horses need to gain weight, some can't chew hay or pasture any longer, some are reproducing, some are working hard, some get fed grains as a treat.

Most horses don't *need* big grain diets.

Forage (hay or pasture) should be their main source and complete their dietery needs. Forage alone most likely will not meet their mineral requirements, and so supplementation of minerals and vitamins through a grain ration is the answer.

A basic balancer can be used in a minimal amount without adding unneccesary calories. Feeding once daily gives you more than just the benefit of meeting daily requirements, but also ensures you the opportunity to check each horse over once a day and maintain "catchability" for vet, farrier and riding.

Where nutrition comes into play, we have the answers.


"Sweet Feed"

We carry a basic mill mix 12% protein sweet feed that works great as a supplement or medicine carrier, to add calories or just to bribe your horse in for that daily once over.  Our sweet feed is mostly oats, with some cracked corn, soybean meal, Moorman's Horse Concentrate, and to keep it moist soy bean oil."Sweet feeds" are NOT fortified with adequate vitamins & minerals. It would require about 6 pounds per day to make an impact on VTM intake, and that would be A LOT of calories.


Fortified Feeds: 

Our primary line is from ADM Alliance Nutrition. With varieties to suit any type of horse from maintenance, to performance to mares & babies, we can design a feeding program to suit your needs.

Clinton Anderson, Down Under Horsemanship, is now feeding ADM Alliance Nutrition Glo For Life Feeds! His hardworking horses are, on average, eating 6 lbs of Senior Glo and 2 lbs of Healthy Glo to maintian stamina under their heavy workload. Here's the story!

Equine Forage Enhancer Ultra

This feed is designed to balance hay or other forage to meet the daily vitamin & mineral requirements of your horse without the extra calories. Fed at a rate of .25 - 1.75 pounds per horse or pony per day, depending on type, age and activity level of the equine.

The average Quarter Horse type will require .5 lb per day, at a cost of 22 cents per day.

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Other Fortified Feed lines available by Special Order are


 Triple Crown  


Big Gain



Hay Replacement:

Forage First Hay Replacement Pellets are an Excellent option for the traveling trail rider or exhibitor. Less mess and hassle than hauling hay bales, especially crossing state lines or into parks that require weed free certified hay.

We also carry Alfalfa pellets, Alfalfa Hay Cubes &Timothy/Alfalfa Mix Hay Cubes


Other Supplements:

Health E Oil 

Health E Oil is formulated with an All Natural mechanically pressed soybean oil blended with Human Food Grade Natural Vitamin E containing essential fatty acids that your horse may be lacking (Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids).  Health E Oil (min 98% total fat) is an excellent source of easily digested calories that are absorbed in the small intestine not requiring any fermentation in the cecum and colon therefor reducing the incidence of colic and laminitis.  Excellent for senior horses that need weight gain.

Supported by tools from the Kentucky Equine Research and Kentucky Performance Products such as GroTrac ration & developement guide, Summer Games electrolytes, KER-a-Form hoof supplement and more, every nutritional need of any age or breed horse can be met.





 Forage First Horse Rewards

Available in 5 or 25 Pound Bags